When it comes to identifying illness or injury in our animal companions, not every condition can be easily detected on the surface of the skin. That’s why we rely on quality veterinary diagnostics. These tools allow our vets to delve below the surface and learn precisely what’s happening inside your pet’s body. We can then use this information to quickly diagnose whatever condition or injury may be present so that an appropriate course of treatment can be developed and implemented.


Four Rivers Veterinary Center offers a broad range of veterinary diagnostic services to help monitor and manage the health of our patients. These tools include everything from routine blood work and urinalysis to more advanced techniques like digital radiology (x-ray). With many conditions, time is of the essence. Our state of the art, in-house laboratory provides us with the ability to obtain results from our diagnostic tests in a timely manner, greatly improving the outcome for our patients.


In addition to the diagnostic testing capabilities that we have within our clinic, we also offer ultrasound services that bring the innovative power of ultrasound technology to us, for the convenience of our patients and their caring owners. This non-invasive, painless technique allows us to examine the inner workings of your pet’s body so that any abnormalities can be identified, diagnosed and addressed.


Rest assured that whatever may be ailing your animal companion, we are well-equipped and fully prepared to get to the bottom of the problem quickly so that we can help return them to good health as soon as possible.

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