Many pet owners are unaware of just how important quality pet dentistry is to the health and well being of their animal companions. The fact is, dental disease remains one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in adult cats and dogs, and it’s something that can not only cause bad breath and discomfort for your pet, but it can actually shorten his or her life. If not properly cared for, plaque and tartar can build up on your pet’s teeth and under the gum line, causing gingivitis and eventually leading to periodontal disease. The good news is you can help prevent this by making a commitment to routine veterinary dental care.


The staff at Four Rivers Veterinary Center are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of pet dentistry, from preventative care to the treatment of a variety of existing dental problems. We use state of the art equipment and modern techniques to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and clean on an ongoing basis. We’ll also gladly work with you to provide guidance and advice on pet dental care techniques that you can use at home, in between vet visits.


Don’t let your pet suffer another day with bad teeth or unhealthy gums. Let us work with you to help your animal companion achieve a healthy smile for life.

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